Theater & Performance

– 2024: Mummy, Daddy & Other Issues. A monologue by Núria Frías Corrius. Neue Bühne Friedrichshain.
– 2023: Man muss nicht verstehen, was man liebt. A project by Multicultural City e.V. Theater Delphi. 
– 2022: Cinco emes (por separado). A work-in-progress- performance by Núria Frías Corrius. GlogauAir Art Residency Berlin. Produced by ZINE Colectivo.
– 2021: Spacial trash. A three-hour-performance by Marcos Nacar und Núria Frías Corrius. GlogauAir Art Residency Berlin. Produced by ZINE Colectivo.
- 2019: Single lives as single wants. Dir. Paula Knüpling and Marina Prados. Schaubude Berlin.
        · Included in the Performing Arts Festival (PAF) 2019 Berlin. 
- 2019: Should I stay or should I stay. Dir. Paula Knüpling and Marina Prados. 3. Stock der Volksbühne Berlin. 
- 2018-2019. Tankstelle. Dir. Luis Krummenacher, Emma Charlott Ulrich and Magdalena Weber. 3. Stock der Volksbühne Berlin. 
- 2018: Assistant direction for Here. Dir. Paula Knüpling and Marina Prados. 3. Stock der Volksbühne Berlin.
- 2017: Principal Segona. Directed and written by Cesc Grau. Microteatre Barcelona (Barcelona). 
- 2017: En-cadena. Dir. Veri de Morais and Jordi Casado. Espai 104 (Barcelona)
- 2017: 4D ÓPTICO, by Javier Daulte.  Dir. Marc Angelet. Nau Ivanow (Barcelona)
- 2017: Time and the Conways, by J.B. Priestley. Dir. Llàtzer García and Ferran Utzet. Nau Ivanow (Barcelona)
- 2016: Captius.  Dir. Jordi Manau. Sala Beckett (Barcelona). 
- 2015: Catalunya triomfant o rellotge sense agulles. Dir. Thomas Sauerteig. Nau Ivanow (Barcelona) and Teatre del Raval (Barcelona). 

         · Selected at the 20th Mostra de Teatre of Barcelona at Teatre del Raval. October.
         · Winners of the Popular Award.
         · Nominated at the category “Best Actress”

- 2014: Don Juan. Dir. Ricard Boluda. Teatre Llantiol (Barcelona).
- 2013: La Blancaneus. A collective creation play by Perpetits Teatre Company. Sala Miniteatres (Barcelona).


– 2024 (in postproduction): End of play. Shortfilm. Directed by: Matthias Redekop.
– 2023: La lluna en un cove. Shortfilm. Directed by: Hector Calderón.
– 2023: Decostruzione dell'Amore. Shortfilm. Directed by: Laura Nai.
– 2022: Live Session at Oblomov - Anne Had a Baby. Directed by: Núria Frías and Laura Nai.
– 2021: left(un)said. A video installation by Marc Pujolar and Núria Frías. Exhibited at Galerie 22 in Vorwerk-Stift Kunstlerhaus. 3-months-residence.
- 2021: Child music video of Júlia Pigali. Dir. Marc Pujolar and Núria Frías.
- 2018: El Zoo. film. Dir. Gemma Blasco. Tekila Films.
- 2018: Volcans and L'estiu és llibertat music videos of the band Buhos. Dir. Marc Pujolar.


- 2016-2022: Design and Digital Creation at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).
- 2019-2020: Camera acting with Oliver Nötzel at ETI Schauspielschule Berlin - Europäisches Theaterinstitut.  
- 2014-2017: Acting Studies at Col·legi del Teatre in Barcelona.
- 2014-2016: Certificate of Higher Education in Production of Audiovisual Projects and Shows at EMAV in Barcelona.

Complementary Studies

- 2024: Jan Fabre Teaching Group with Jan Fabre, Matteo Sedda and Conor Doherty in Antwerpen (Belgium).
- 2020: Mime and Pantomime workshop with Jörg Brennecke.
- 2017: Training for actors with Isaac Alcayde at Estudi per a l’actor Laura Jou.
- 2015-2016: Improvisation course at Estudi per a l’actor Laura Jou.
- 2012-2015: Private singing lessons with Rubén Fernàndez at Escola Atempo in Barcelona.
- 2012-2014: Theater courses with Marc Brualla, Ricard Boluda and Mònica Cordomí at El Timbal in Barcelona.


- 2020 - nowadays: Contemporary dance & Ballet at Tanzfabrik in Berlin and Papillon Tanzstudio.
- 2011-2012: Ballet at the school Escola Mercedes Ribera in Barcelona.
- 2010-2011: Summer intensive of dancing classes at the Royal Academy of Dance in Londres.
- 2009-2012: Musical theater (singing, theater, tap dance, jazz and ballet) at Coco Comín in Barcelona.
- 2008-2010: Ballet intensives courses at Company & Company in Barcelona.


- 2014-2015: Classic studies of piano at Escolta Atempo in Barcelona. Equivalent level as 1st Degree of Professional Studies.
- 10 years of music studies (solfeggio, coral singing, piano and guitar) at Escola Esclat, school linked with the Conservatori del Liceu de Barcelona.


- Catalan: native.
- Spanish: native.
- English: advanced level, equivalent at C1 level.
- German: advanced level, equivalent at C1 level.